wagrain1900267 students and 3 teachers packed their suitcases on Monday, September 9, to meet 5 English native speakers from the USA, South Africa and the UK in the picturesque mountain area around Wagrain, Salzburg. The pupils of our 4th classes enjoyed the English language camp at Markushof, where they participated in three English lessons every day, which offered various group activities to improve their speaking, listening, writing and reading skills.


The timetable also included

  • a geographical scavenger hunt in the village,
  • a movie evening with a quite strange super-hero called Shazam,
  • a film project where the students filmed their own film trailers for Hollywood,
  • sports activities and
  • table games (some boys and girls are still confused from playing Jungle Speed, others might still be dreaming of winning millions of Euros at Wagrain’s bingo game;).

A delicious barbecue and a final disco evening rounded off the entertaining five days in Wagrain. It’s now time to get back to our regular lessons at school and keep motivated in our every-day school routine!


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